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JULY 15, 2020


18-month project will take North Loop 338 over Highway 385

ODESSA – A project to build an overpass that takes North Loop 338 over U.S. Highway 385 in northern Ector County is scheduled to start in late July.

The decision to take Loop 338 over Highway 385 was made at the request of the City of Odessa and the Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization. Having Loop 338 go over Highway 385 will help the traffic flow on Loop 338.

The project area will be along North Loop 338 and stretch about a mile on each side of Highway 385.

As the project progresses, traffic will shift many times. Please obey all warning signs and any flaggers in the area. At times, there will be only one lane available in each direction, and traffic will be sharing lanes that are currently one-way roads. For example, southbound Highway 385 will carry both directions of traffic while northbound Highway 385 is closed. This will happen in all directions at various times.

Ramps connecting North Loop 338 to Highway 385 will also change the configuration of the current intersection. Traffic patterns may change overnight, but message boards are planned to convey changes several days before the happen.

A 10-foot width restriction will be in effect on both roads during the project. A 65-mile-per-hour speed limit will be put in place on both roads as well in the interest of safety. Please obey any signage.

Since all directions of traffic will be maintained during the project, motorists are reminded that state law requires them to obey warning signs and any flaggers encountered in the work zone. The project should take about 18 months and is scheduled to be completed in early 2022.

Jones Brothers Dirt & Paving of Odessa won the project with a low bid of a little more than $25.3 million.

For more information, contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txdot.gov or (432) 498-4746

JULY 13, 2020

AUSTIN — On average, one motorcyclist dies every day on Texas roads, and transportation officials are urging Texans to exercise caution and limit distractions  while on the road, as traffic increases during the summer months.

The Texas Department of Transportation’s annual “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign, which begins this month, aims to alert drivers to the risks that motorcyclists face and suggests safety precautions motorists can take to protect motorcyclists and themselves. The campaign reminds drivers that motorcycles are small and can be hard to see. In 2019, 412 motorcyclists were killed in Texas, and more than 1,800 were seriously injured.

“The six-month period from May through October is the deadliest for motorcycle riders and accounted for 61 percent of motorcycle fatalities in Texas last year,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “That’s why we are urging drivers to Look Twice for Motorcycles-there’s a life riding on it.”

Safety experts say that crashes between motorcyclists and drivers often occur when drivers make left turns in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, misjudging the distance and speed of the motorcycle. Last year, 30 percent of Texas motorcycle fatalities occurred in an intersection or were intersection-related.

TxDOT wants drivers to follow these safety tips to prevent vehicle/motorcycle crashes:

·        Take extra care when making a left turn. It’s easy to misjudge the speed and proximity of an oncoming motorcycle. It’s safest to let the motorcycle pass to avoid turning in front of the rider.

·        Pay special attention at intersections. Close to one-third of motorcycle fatalities happen at roadway intersections.

·        Give driving your full attention. Even a momentary distraction, such as answering a phone call or changing the radio station, can have deadly consequences.

·        Look twice when changing lanes. Check mirrors, check blind spots and always use turn signals.

·        Give motorcyclists room when passing them. Move over to the passing lane and don’t crowd the motorcyclist’s full lane.

·        Stay back. If you are behind a motorcycle, always maintain a safe following distance. When a motorcyclist downshifts instead of applying the brake to slow down, it can catch drivers off guard since there are no brake lights to signal that they are reducing their speed.

·        Slow down. As always, please obey the posted speed limit.

The highest numbers of fatal motorcycle crashes last year occurred in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Lubbock and Odessa.

The “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign is a key component of #EndTheStreakTX, a broader social media and word-of-mouth effort that encourages drivers to make safer choices while behind the wheel, like wearing a seat belt, driving the speed limit, never texting and driving and never driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  Nov. 7, 2000 was the last deathless day on Texas roadways. #EndTheStreakTX asks all Texans to commit to driving safely to help end the streak of daily deaths on Texas roadways.

For media inquiries, contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txDOT.gov or (432) 498-4746.

The information contained in this report represents reportable data collected from the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report (CR-3). This information was received and processed by the department as of June 6, 2020.

JULY 2, 2020

ODESSA – A project to rehabilitate a section of Highway 385 in Odessa is scheduled to begin in July. The road is also known locally as Andrews Highway.

The primary focus of work will be to resurface Highway 385 from Yukon Road to Highway 191 (known locally as 42nd Street). There will be times when the contractor will be working around the clock in an effort to reduce the time the project takes. Night work is planned at times to reduce the impact the project has on local traffic. Working at night might also reduce exposure to heavy traffic flows that are common during the day.

Intersection improvements are also planned at the intersection of Highway 385 and Highway 191 (Andrews Highway and 42nd Street). The plan is to have that work completed before the 2020 Permian Basin International Oil Show scheduled in late October.

Some traffic signal upgrades will also occur in the corridor. Motorists shouldn’t really notice any difference other than brief periods when lights may be in all-flashing mode or if all-way stops are employed for short durations.

A 10-foot width restriction will be in place throughout the corridor.

Since both directions of traffic will be maintained during the project, motorists are reminded that state law requires them to obey warning signs and any flaggers encountered in the work zone. Slower speeds are also advised.

The project is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2021.

Reece Albert Inc. of Midland and San Angelo won the project with a low bid of a little less than $11.7 million.

For more information, contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txdot.gov or (432) 498-4746.

JUNE 29, 2020

MIDLAND COUNTY: Pavement markings will be put in place at night (8:30 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and on weekends in downtown Midland from July 7 through July 26. The work area is bordered by Texas Avenue on the south, Louisiana Avenue on the north, by Colorado Street on the west, and Weatherford Street on the east.

MIDLAND COUNTY: Bridge deck pours are scheduled overnight on July 1and July 29 (tentatively) on Loop 250 at County Road 60. CR 60 at Loop250 will remain closed until late August to ensure that CR 60 will be safe to be opened to traffic.

JUNE 26, 2020


$76 million awarded to public transit programs statewide

Who, What, When, Where

  • The Texas Transportation Commission approved approximately $76 million in transit funding at its June meeting. (Actual total: $76,119,986)

    • State funds: $35 million

    • Federal funds: $41 million

  • The approval awards funds to public transportation providers in rural, small urban, and large urban areas.

  • Funds go towards operating costs such as service and maintenance of vehicles and facilities.

  • It’s up to each individual transit agency to determine what eligible expenses they pay for with this funding.

  • This annual funding allocation does not come from recent Congressional Acts aimed to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Odessa District Funding

  • West Texas Opportunities Inc. serves 20 counties and received the following funds: $1,155,098 for operations and administration costs; $177,693 for capital expenditures to provide transportation to the elderly and disabled; $1,032,385 for capital projects like vehicle replacements; and $309,500 to improve transportation facilities in Marfa and Presidio.

  • All Aboard America received $2,102,000 to provide intercity bus service.

  • The City of Odessa received $503,967 and the City of Midland received $347,979. All of that goes to the E-Z Rider bus system that serves both communities.


  • TxDOT funding provided nearly 27 million transit rides in Fiscal Year 2019.

  • These transit services are an essential part of life for thousands of people across Texas. Nearly 70% of riders use these services to get to work, medical appointments or shopping. Transit also helps Texans get to schools, colleges and job training sites, as well as family trips, personal business and social/recreational travel.

  • Transit funding administered by TxDOT supports programs serving 41% of the state’s population and over 96% of the state’s land area.

JUNE 22, 2020

ECTOR COUNTY: Lane closures will move around Tuesday-Saturday (6/23-27) on West Loop 338 near I-20 for bridge joint repairs. Closures will be daytime only in both directions, but only one lane at a time. Work done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Expect slight delays. Please slow down in work zone.

ECTOR COUNTY: I-20 westbound will have daytime lane closures on left lane near West Loop 338 starting Monday (6-22) and lasting rest of month for bridge work. Work done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Expect delays. Please slow down in work zone.

JUNE 18, 2020

ODESSA – A second district seal coat project is under way across the Odessa District of the Texas Department of Transportation. Nearly 90 miles of roads in five counties will be worked on in June and July.

Each year the Odessa District seal coats select roads as part of a program to prolong the life of the roads. Seal coating offers three major benefits: it protects the road base by keeping water from seeping in; it seals cracks and stops them from spreading; and it provides a new surface which improves safety.

It is likely that loose rocks will be encountered in the work zones during the seal coat process. Motorists are urged to find alternate routes if possible and avoid work zones. Loose rocks may be present after work is completed as well.

Pilot cars and flaggers will be used frequently due to necessary lane closures. Wait times will vary depending on the amount of traffic. Motorists should obey any pilot cars, warning signs, or flaggers they encounter. Slower speeds are also advised.

The following locations are scheduled to be seal coated. It is difficult to predict exact dates for each location and scheduled dates are subject to change pending weather and other unforeseen circumstances. The locations include:

>> FM 1788 from Highway 176 in Andrews County to Highway 158 in Midland County (crosses corner of Ector County). (Through week of June 21 for about five days).

>> Highway 302 in Ector County from Highway 158 to West Loop 338. (Week of June 21 for about six days.)

>> Southwest Loop 338 in Ector County from I-20 to Highway 385. (Late June for a day.)

>> Highway 385 from I-20 in Ector County to Highway 329 in Crane County. (Late June and early June for about two weeks.)

>> Interstate 20 from Ward County line (crosses corner of Crane County) to 2.3 miles west of FM 1601 in Ector County. (Early July for about a week.)

>> BI-20 from Pecos River to I-20 east of Barstow in Ward County. (July for about two days.)

These dates are only offered as a general guide. A striping crew will follow in each location.

Brannan Paving Co. of Victoria won the project with a bid of a little more than $6.65 million.

For more information, contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txdot.gov or (432) 498-4746

JUNE 12, 2020

BI-20 Project in Midland Update

The BI-20 project in Midland will have night-only work the week of June 14 starting Monday evening. The work will be done off peak hours with the most intrusive work being done between midnight and 4 a.m.. Some traffic movements will be restricted in these areas. Here is the tentative schedule:

>> June 15: Middle lanes including left turn lanes at Midkiff.

>> June 16: Remaining westbound lanes and shoulder at Midkiff.

>> June 17 & 18: Front Street section between Wall Street and the railroad tracks.

>> June 21: Eastbound lanes at Midkiff.

JUNE 4, 2020

MIDLAND – A project to overlay a little more than 12 miles of the Tom Craddick Highway is scheduled to start the week of June 8. The Tom Craddick Highway is also known as the Highway 349 reliever route and goes from FM 1788 to Highway 349 in southern Martin County just north of the Midland County line.

The project will consist of placing an asphalt overlay on all lanes. Some widening work will also be done at the intersection of Holiday Hill Road to add acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Work will be done in 3-mile sections. Since lane closures will be needed in the project, a pilot car will be in use for the project, so delays are likely. A width restriction of 11 feet will be put in place in the work zone.

The speed limit will be about reduced to 65 miles per hour in the work zone.

The project is expected to take about six months to complete and should be finalized in early 2021.

Motorists are reminded that state law requires them to obey pilot cars, warning signs and flaggers in the work zone. Safety is a top priority for TxDOT. We need help from the traveling public to ensure the work zone is kept safe and free of crashes. Large, slow-moving vehicles may inadvertently enter a lane of travel. Slowing down and giving extra space between vehicles is key to a safe working environment.

Jones Brothers Dirt & Paving of Odessa won the project with a low bid of a little more than $7.5 million.

For more information, contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txdot.gov or (432) 498-4746.

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