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Interregional Planning & Environmental Linkage (PEL) Study

The Permian Basin MPO is planning for a potential interregional corridor to provide freight and vehicular connectivity in and around the urbanized Midland-Odessa area. This corridor would not only serve to expand energy and freight production/distribution, but also to enhance mobility and safety of existing urbanized corridors. This PEL will identify, evaluate and screen potential corridors for future environmental evaluation. 

The purpose of a PEL is to consider future transportation improvements in a holistic way. A PEL: 

  • Focuses on engagement with community members and other stakeholders.

  • Explores potential solutions based on impacts to the environment, the community, and the economy.

  • Addresses long-term economic benefits, regional mobility, and safety. 

  • Considers environmental stewardship in the context of identified needs.


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