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Unified Transportation Program (UTP)

What is the Unified Transportation Program (UTP)?
The UTP is the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT’s) 10-year plan that guides the development of transportation projects across the state. Organized into 12 funding categories, the UTP authorizes the distribution of construction dollars expected to be available over the next 10 years. Within the UTP framework, TxDOT works with elected officials, local planning organizations, and the public to select and fund the state’s highest priority transportation projects to begin construction during the next decade. In addition to highway projects, the UTP addresses public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian transportation, maritime transportation, aviation, rail, and freight and international trade. The Texas Transportation Commission approves the UTP annually in accordance with Texas state law, and TxDOT publishes the approved UTP each year.

Documents & Links

Historical UTP Documents

Current 2024 UTP

Draft 2025 UTP

Important Links:

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TxDOT UTP News Release

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