Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The FAST Act and previous highway bills require that each MPO and state develop a multimodal transportation plan with at least a 20-year horizon. The plan must be updated at least every five years to keep consistent with existing conditions, re-evaluate proposed plans, programs, and projects, and validate air quality conformity analysis should the region become non-attainment under the Environmental Protection Administration regulations. It also includes an analysis of the existing transportation system for all modes as well as a constrained financial plan for prioritized projects over the life of the plan. The plan shall “include both long-range and short-range program strategies/actions that lead to the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods.”


In November of 2019, the Policy Board adopted Forward 45 containing a multimodal needs plan for the entire MPO and a financially constrained project plan. The plan also contains a discussion of regional land use and its effects on the transportation system that continue to build on goals, objectives and the Permian Basin MPO’s Travel Demand Model.

The purpose of the Forward 45 is to build upon the findings and initiatives identified in the 2040 MTP and to detail the multimodal transportation improvements and programs to be carried out within the Permian Basin during the plan’s timeframe and demonstrate the financial means within the MPO area by which these improvements and programs will be implemented.


This MTP is therefore a key product of the Permian Basin MPO planning process and provides a conceptual basis and specifics for the transportation improvements planned for implementation by the year 2045. For a project to be eligible to receive federal transportation funds within the MPO’s jurisdiction, it must be included in the financially constrained portion of Forward 45.


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Forward 45 Amendment No. 2

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Vision 2040 Plan


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